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Heat ceram

The Heat Ceram® mobile application is designed to help you achieve comfort in your home, office, hotel, apartment or even production. With Heat Ceram® you can easily control all compatible thermostats. Intelligent heating schedules will save up to 30% with maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Control through the cloud.

The Heat Ceram ™ application allows you to control all compatible thermostats using cloud technology, which allows remote control and monitoring of heating wherever you are!

Intelligent schedules

You can create several schedules for each of your rooms separately for each day, and set time intervals with the required temperatures, which allows you to achieve significant savings compared to conventional thermostats.

Automatic system

Make settings once in your application and enjoy a comfortable temperature don`t need to control yourself, there are more important things in life than constant temperature control, delegate this work to electronics.

The Heat Ceram application can be downloaded by links below:

Play Market

App Store

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